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on the issue about Perfect weddings

For us, there's no such thing as a perfect wedding. WE can only do so much. We plan, we coordinate, we execute the dreams, we address the needs and wants of the couples, but we can't control everything, and it is a fact!

We as planners and coordinators can only make sure that everything will be in place and everything well goes on as smoothly as possible. We can make the program seamless and fun but we can't control the emotions that may arise, the not so stable weather conditions, extreme implementation of family's beliefs and superstitions and other circumstances that are beyond our means despite of being so prepared and hands on.

 But GEMBSO believes that the most important thing is at the end of your wedding day, you finally married the partner that God made for you with His grace. Happiness must come from within you, from your hearts. Don't feel bad if not everything you wanted took place or not everyone made it on your big day. Instead you have to be happy because there are people dear to you who made sure that they would witness the moment you say "I do". 

 Generally, weddings should be fun, memorable and beautiful but I would say your wedding should be very YOU! Among anyone else, the couple must be the first to let go and enjoy!  Having sumptuous food, elegant gowns, beautiful fresh flower arrangements, wonderful nice to-haves and great entertainment can just be considered as bonuses. 

Weddings become more special because of the people who created memories, the happy tears they shed and the LOVE they shared!

By: Maj of GEMBSO

Wedding preps in the eyes of the wedding planner

I never thought that planning a wedding would be this fun and exciting. It makes me stay awake until the wee hours of the morning chatting with brides in other time zones, answering emails, and updating rsvps not realizing that I still have to sleep and prepare for another hectic day.


It makes me wake up so early and look forward to whatever "To do" that I could accomplish every day. Time is very important. Every minute counts. We are given chances to grab, opportunities to take and no second to waste.


As a wedding planner, I have timelines to be followed, guidelines to be observed, deadlines to be met, limitations to be seen and most importantly goals to be realized. Satisfying and making every couple happy is my major task. I always want to be on the right track.Should not miss anything. I have to be always ready and on the go. Must always be up for new challenges; making sure that we are still working within the budget and having some brain-draining sessions just to explore my team's creativity and think of new and useful ideas for every wedding we plan. From choosing the perfect song for the bridal march, thinking of the designs for the candles and matches, organizing the program and a whole lot more.


Some people think that a wedding planner/coordinator's job is so easy. Others would say we are just ushers or helpers at the church and reception. Some of the guests would think we are just ordinary people, I've been hearing people calling us "alalay" or "yaya" but I would like to let them know that we are not. We are coordinators. We are the partners of the couple in making their wedding a truly wonderful and memorable one; working hand in hand together with equally professional wedding suppliers.


Imagine how a wedding would be like not having a professional planner to coordinate on that day. How chaotic it could be without US? You might probably see a panicking bride, a stressed mom, a perspiring groom, or a sister who was not able to witness the ceremony because there are so many things that need attention to detail and they have no one to do it. We, the coordinators take care of it and we implement what is planned. We assume possible circumstances, anticipates urgencies and we are always ready for unexpected situations. Name it, perhaps we had experienced it. From sunny to stormy moments we have to stay put and perform our duties. We always put our heart in everything that we do. Just like what they say, don't sweat on the small stuff. Let the professionals do it.


Let the suppliers do it. Just make sure to hire the right people to make your wedding a success. On second thought we are not fairy godmothers. We don't do magic. We can only do so much with what the couples give. Wedding suppliers have so many duties to do, hundreds of people to please, and high expectations to be surpassed. And it is not an easy thing. We all need a lot of patience,proper time-management, pure dedication in everything that we do. Every successful event is a fruit of our hardwork. We study, we plan, we strategize, and we execute the best possible way we can. It's not all about the money.There's more to it. Sometimes it's about passion, personal growth and achievements.


But despite of the tons of work that needs to be done, planning my clients' wedding gives me so much eagerness and satisfaction. It makes me smile and imagine how it would be like on that big day! I always see things in a positive way. Because I know that I've invested so much time and effort to make everything fall into its proper place. I never thought that this would somehow change my attitude towards trusting other people too. I realized that sometimes taking a big risk could also do you good! Working with couples you haven't seen and with wedding suppliers whom you do not know is somehow stressful just like dealing with different kinds of people with various personalities. But in the course of planning a special occasion I found out that trust and communication are just few of the essential keys for having a smooth sailing wedding preps and a seamless wedding day :) I also gained a lot of friends in the wedding industry and my clients too became my buddies, friends and kumares :)


Now, having worked with one of the best team I know, My Gembso Team, I just feel that on every wedding I plan and coordinate with my ever-reliable angels every detail will be taken care of. Every wedding is as special as the couple's lovestory.


I always look forward to see happy couples, grateful parents, appreciative guests, friendly suppliers and I love to end every event with a happy heart knowing that we were able to make another GEMBSO Event at its finest and beyond.


As I put myself to sleep after every event I planned, my heart is always filled of happiness and heartfelt gratitude to God. Because I know that He was there with me; watching me, and guiding me in every decision I made.



Majella De Jesus Magpantay

14 April 2011

LOVE STORIES by a wedding planner

What is your love story?

Everyone has his or her version on how a love story begins. Some say love begins with one hello, others with a simple smile. Some even sees love at first sight.

Some believe love starts with a cup of coffee, while others share love with food: a bucket of popcorn, a bar of chocolate, a piece of cake, or a pint of ice cream.

Love is everywhere. It can be found in the office, in school, in theaters, in the hallways, inside malls, even in a busy two-way street.

You can fall in love in a cruise, plane, train, bus, jeepney, tricycle or any type of vehicle. Name it. Love makes travelling worthwhile no matter how bumpy they are.

You can find love in the most unexpected places. People confess finding love in shallow waters, on mountain tops, in an island, in a desert, even in a cold snowy place. The simplest flagpole, gym, court, basement, tree, theme park, empty parking lot, library and a noisy canteen are all witnesses to love?s grandeur.

Love is in technology. A wrongly sent text message can lead to love, a simple status update in Facebook and Twitter can mean a profession of love. From snail mails, Emails or mails of whatever kind, one thing?s for sure. Love is always found.

They say one way to get to a man?s heart is through his stomach. True enough some meet love in the kitchen. One cooks, the other lovingly savors the food. Love is in music. One writes the song, the other sings. Love can be found on the dance floor, like two individuals swaying to love?s fantastic tempo. Love is in the hospital, one?s the patient, the other one the caregiver breathing life to each other. Love can be found through the radio. A DJ and an avid listener just might end up falling in love. Love is in the courtroom. The defendant and the accused may just patch things up.

There are so many instances where you can find love. You can wait or search for love but in the end there?s only one thing that?s true. I believe that whatever your story is there is one God behind it. He is the one who writes your very own love story. He is the one who created the main characters, who happens to be you and the one whom He made just for you. He writes the plot, he chooses the setting, and he makes sure that love finds its way to you.

For those like me who have not found the love of your life, let us just live each day with the will to follow our heart's desires and just be happy :) I know that God only makes sure that in His perfect time our paths will cross whichever road we'll take :) In the meantime, let us just enjoy life's blessings and let us keep the love we have in our hearts burning :)


_ Majella De Jesus Magpantay_


Gembso's wet wedding 01.21.11


January 21, 2011 Tagaytay wedding was one of the most unforgettable events that we had in our entire coordination history. All of us (me and my angels Rose De Guzman, Rizah De Torres, Jovel Amaro, Lindsey De Jesus, Robin Capili, Rose Ann Generoso, and Tito Emie Rojas) worked with so much pressure, under extremely heavy rain with lightning and thunderstorm while assisting and protecting the welfare of the guests, the entourage, the vips, and the newlywed, the stuff endorsed to us the LCD Projector, the Laptops, the cake, the souvenirs, the wines, the food and anything that you could think of. 1st wedding without any reception program. Just dinner! No more... no less! No ifs ... No buts, just for the love of work! Thanks angels for being heroes on yesterday's affair!


* Working hand in hand with a team of dedicated individuals who are willing to extend their service and worked beyond call of duty makes life easier and loads lighter, and happier... I love my GEMBSO Family and I am so PROUD of you all! 


P.S. To our other angels we wished you were there to experience the same thing we had and you will also realize that having tired legs, shaking knees, empty stomach, plus wearing an ALL-WET outfit and walking barefooted on a soaking garden is all worth it knowing that you've done your part with head up high!




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